About Us

Welcome to NAMEKIND

We hope you will enjoy our small realm of personalised prints, and that you will find what you are looking for.

Everyone loves a story, so let us share ours with you!

Our little world came to life over the last five years and was inspired by the work we have been doing during the Christmas season – selling personalised gifts and Christmas tree ornaments. Year after year, we lived through so many happy moments with our customers, which we are so thankful for. To see the excitement and joy on everyone’s face when picking an ornament or small gift and the happiness when they received the personalised pieces warmed our hearts.

Bringing a smile to every face with our work is so uplifting and brought meaning to our lives. Bringing joy and cheer into everyone’s life was always our goal. And by the end of our 5th Xmas season, we decided to extend our portfolio and go online. We want to grab this momentum to spread this bliss to everyone – expanding our range to cover any occasion of the year or event of your life.

Our portfolio is constantly growing, and our site will be frequently updated with new illustrations.


We really hope you’ll find what you are looking for on our site,  and that we can be part of your happiness.

Happy searching! God bless everyone!